July 2, 2009

Few sketches of the scenary and studies of the urban context from my Roman sketchbook, travel journal, and design sketchbook
i dunno why but the sketches looked better in the s-books..

Eine Karte Bitte

July 1, 2009

so.. that’s about the only phrase I learned/remember in German.. when i was in need of a bus ticket to leave to the airport.

This is a psuedo-last post about my last destination in Europe- Wolfsburg, Germany where Miss Leah took care of me like her own child =) somehow your couch was mad comfy too haha

Carnival. Top Notch carnival rides.

Wolfsburg won the German Cup =)

and the big German party begins

City of Wolfsburg

Playground in pitch darkness. it felt pretty magical.

Windmill Park and Gifhorn

Biking through the forest and meadows.

Autostadt! A car-park-wonderland

Tripped out.. bridge with rotating pots of daisies

ZAHA wuhhh

and then.. i headed back to nyc on May 26th (yeS it took a dam month to update)


May 24, 2009

After Amsterdam… 6 hr. train ride to Berlin. Sarah and I were only here for half a day+a night+a morning before we headed our separate ways to smaller cities in Germany. Mo was probably lonely for an extra day.

Holocaust Memorial


Norman Foster

looks like a lolly-pop


May 24, 2009

Hrm, since this blog title kind no longer applies, since i’m not in Rome anymore. but anyways…

After Rome was over, I headed to Amsterdam and met up with Sarah at the hostel. I could of had a better time arriving.. rain.. broken suitecase.. confusing sidewalks/roads/bikepaths/tram rails.. but the sun shown when I saw Sarah arriving to the hostel right after me. Mo joined us a day later.

Oh finally. A boat with my name on it. except we never saw the boat.

Starry night exhibition- reunited with Van Gogh’s Starry Night from MOMA yay

inside museum

Street Graffiti- reliefs

Flower shop. hung dried flowers

after sunset

neighborhood of Jordaan. somehow it feels like home

In the largest library in Europe, and a view to see Renzo Piano’s Nemo museum and our boat hostel

canal at night

I have an obsession with moving clouds

Arrivederci, Roma

May 23, 2009

I’m currently at Leah’s place in Wolfsburg whoooo (a blog about it later) but anyways I need to backtrack on these posts cause I finally have some free time to blog.

Mia Mama came to visit the very last week of my semester in Rome, so it all came down to showing her some of my favorite places, a short trip to Venice, and rediscovering Rome once again cause Giolitti’s (amazing gelato), Galleria Borghese (a must see museum, book online at least 3 days in advance) and quite the climb up to St. Peter’s Dome

Venezia– last time i didn’t have a chance to go to Maruno or Burano, but here it is:

I had to pay 3 euros to see a Church, any church. Venice and their $$$

I’ll miss the washed-out-yet-elegant character of Venetian buildings

Glass show in Murano

Beyond colors in Burano

I’ll miss creation of narrow yet awesome spaces between buildings

and discovery of extraordinary detail

Into, onto, over, inside of st. Peters